One of the most important aspects of planning is without doubts the ability of designer to found the most appropriate solution to satisfied clients’ needs. “Adequate solution” means a block of assessments, so that different parameters can find the right balance. The most important factors to be considered in the design phase can be summarized as follows:

-          Inspection and contextual needs assessment and the physical and environmental characteristics

-          Study of possible technical solutions

-          Normative compliance

-          Individuation and choice of products to satisfy the quality/price relation

-          Assemblage components, execution and realization of testing system and verification reports

The experience gained through the continuous study of different problems, and methodological corrections prepared by monitoring the produced products, directed to the continuous improvement of both planning  and executive techniques, guarantee  a qualified and competent workforce.

Not less important is the constant theorical/technical update which, through meetings and refresher courses, our planning departure technicians are submitted. 


The goal of the department planning is to provide an adequate system to individual and specific requirements of clients. For this purpose the E-engineering, which doesn’t produce products but chooses from market the most suitable on a quality level and functionally equipments, plans and realizes the final product that must respect all the required functionality. Systems have adopted more for the planning of special systems, they are programmable microprocessor devices.

By means of analysis units and remote interfaces of input and output are realized extensive control systems more or less complex. The management of automatisms, alarms and controls, is done using digital equipment housed special panels and/or cabinets with rack modules, cabled in BUS technology and programmed following specific needs. Depending on the use of end-product the interaction man/machine will be realized  through strong control panels with optical/acoustic signals and manual controls, or by means of personal computers with interactive maps and masks dedicated in Windows environment.

Regarding the realization of burglar systems, access controls, TVCC, smoke detection, special and electrical, the department’s goal of E-engineering is to analyze the application’s environment studying the most functional and effective solution. For the industrial centralization alarms and systems is one of the most cared aspects, heart of modern technologies is possible to give easy and functional the control also of sophisticated systems through the use of a single computer, or multiple computers in network, equipped to manage individual systems and provide detailed instructions and easy interaction.

It will still be guaranteed the possibility of self-exclusion of eventual damage parts that mustn’t compromise the entire system. A sector’s technician is able to value carefully the existing problems in particular sites, like tunnel excavation and construction. The experience gains in the sector guarantees a particular attention in realization of command and control panels, which is necessary for applications in environments with adverse weather conditions and extremely heavy uses. Fundamental aspects to obtain the quality and required guarantees are the initial study of environment and techniques for the realization of the executive project.