Anti-theft systems

One of the most unpleasant aspects of modern society is that the number of thefts in houses and commercial and industrial firms is steadily increasing. Feelings of vulnerability and insecurity resulting from crime are themes in which we find ourselves, despite ourselves, to coexist every day.

The installation of a security system is often the most appropriate and efficient method to protect people and goods that are dear to us. It’s for this reason that more and more private citizens and businessmen turn to us to find solutions to their problems. Besides, we just think that a thief can steal in  few minutes at your apartment or your firm not only on economic level but also psychological, it is often distressing and disturbing to think that someone has taken possession, even for a short time, of your world.

Thinking of installing a security system you are making a decisive step protecting your family or your firm and your property against intruders. That’s why is important the support of E-engineering in the choice of the best anti-theft system for you and your house, which protect and ensure your peace of mind wherever you are. Also for those who fear being attacked there are discrete and personalize actuators which allow the activation of a sound alarm and/or transmitted. 


A good security system must not be problematic for those who install it, for this reason it must permit an easy insertion since that, to be effective, it must be entered whenever locals are left unattended, without exceptions.

The security system is a set of electronic devices for detection, control and signaling. Components are collocated in “strategic” points of the building so as to ensure a continued and global environmental protection. For this goal the house, the shop or the office is divided into zones and the user will determine with the support of our technical sector which and how the spaces will be protected. In this way as soon as the thief will invade a protect area or will attempt to tamper with the system, the latter will go into alarm.

Very important is that the system is suitable for your needs. For this reason we of E-engineering, as qualified installers, make a detailed analysis of the protect building before each system, advising the appropriate and effective solution. The goal of inspection is the analysis and identification of risk which is done with advanced tools together with client. In addition to high-risk client is possible conduct a detailed review with our planning experts. Don’t’ forget that security is job for professional.

Perimeter Protections

E-engineering also has an attested experience in installation of perimeter detection systems which signal the intrusion in spaces around the protected room. These systems are based on intelligent parabolic microwaves for outer fences, by underground sensors or electronic barriers. Security systems for outer fences are used to sensorize perimeter of big external areas in civil, industrial and military field.

The realization of “intelligent” transducers has had the merit of overcoming the big problem of reliability of alarm signals due to multiplicity of disorders to which it is subjected both atmospheric (rain, hail, wind, snow) and environmental (trees, small animals, birds, etc…). The new system is able to discriminate as much as said above by the effective intrusion. 

GPS System

Acronym of ground perimetral system, the GPS system is one of the ideal answers to any need of external perimetral protection it is not influenced in any way by the atmospheric conditions or by bad turn in the weather, nor by any kind of vegetation.

It is installed completely under ground level; the tube of GPS sensors – built with special materials able to resist to chemical agents and organic in the soil -, thanks to their extreme flexibility, they may follow a casual flow, thereby making impossible the identification of protection. In addition, the ability to adjust the sensitivity of each single zone allows the system to adapt optimally to the characteristics of each installation.

Intelligent Infrared Barrier System

When the pair of barriers is installed and adjusted, it produces an invisible ray between transmitter and receiver; these controlling bodies are completely adjustable, they are able to provide maximum flexibility of the system with ease of alignment.

Infrared systems are used both to protect internal room (passage of doors, gates, corridors…) that external (passage ways, garages, access points, barriers formation, entry points, outer protection of windows etc…). In order to ensure maximum reliability E-engineering installs only devices that have a special filter circuit to eliminate the possibility of unwanted alarms caused by sunlight.